Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jack got Ear Tubes!!

Last week we took Jack to the surgery center for ear tubes.  He hadn't had any ear infections at all but he has had fluid in the left ear since Mar and the right, some time after that.  You can't let all that junk sit in there or it can cause permanent hearing damage.  So we got to the place by 7:30.  We (I) filled out crazy amounts of paper work, and we took him back to get ready about 8:20.  The anastesiologist (sorry, I'm the world's worst speller) let us know Jack would only be getting a bit of gas to go to sleep and a bit of pain meds into his nose (ewwww) and that's it.  Then our ENT cleared out his ears, put in the tubes, and he was done by 9:00!  YAY!  He was groggy for awhile but after we got home and he had a looong nap, he was back to happy!  I kept him on Tylenol just in case and tried to keep him quiet (yeah right) and calm and he's great!  Allan only had to take a couple of hours off and our pastor sat with us the whole time which was so nice of her.  I told her it was minor, minor surgery and she came anyway.  So, big thank you to Rev. Robin!  Of course I forgot my camera so I only got one shot of Jack in his gown with pink whales & elephants on it on my cell phone and have NO idea how to download that.  Maybe I'll figure it out some day!

So, here's my grateful list for today:
1. Andrew went back to football and is really enjoying it.  (So am I!)
2. Madelyn is enjoying her new school and I was really worried about that.
3. Jack now has new ear tubes and we keep noticing improvements in his hearing.
4. All my kids are healthy and happy and make me laugh daily!

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