Friday, August 15, 2008

Vacation pics!

We had a great time - Thanks Grandma and Grandpa S!!

We love boat rides!

Nice hair-doo Andrew!

Go that way Daddy!

I can handle this Dad.

Here's a good story. Several geese (a flock, perhaps) swam up to the dock. M ran inside to get some bread to feed these geese. Daddy showed Jack how to feed the geese by giving them bits of bread. So, when it was Jack's turn, Daddy gave him a bit of bread.........and Jack ate it. And this happened again, and again. What a hoot!

This is one of my favorites!

How's that for happy kids on vacation?!

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heidi marie said...

oh my gosh! your kids are so cute and they look like they had a blast on vacation. i want to thank you so much for visiting my page and praying for henry, justin, and i. it means a lot to me to have people reaching out to us.