Saturday, August 23, 2008

Smart Guy

This just happened and I'm so excited!  I was in the LR, checking out blogs, when I heard Jack fussing from around the corner.  So I went to see what's up and he's sitting on the floor facing me.  I ask "what's a matter, baby?" and he puts his arms up.  As I'm picking him up I notice he's kinda turning his body around so I say "what do you want?" and he POINTS to a dish of Cherrios on the kitchen counter!  Instead of giving them to him, I was cracking up and yelled for dh to come see.  So he comes around the corner and I said again "what did you want Jack?" and he pointed AGAIN!  Now we don't usually have many problems figuring out what he wants but to point from that far away and twice and no fussing in the process?!  That was HUGE!!  And I am thrilled!  And for a couple more notes:  he's walking more and more and I think when they unclogged his ears they turned up his volume!  Is this normal?  I woulda thought he'd be a bit quieter thinking he's hearing everything louder.  I guess not.


Erin said...

HI! Your Aunt Virginia told my mom about your blog...adding you to my T21 friends..Addie was born July 1st with T21 and is doing great. So neat to read about Jack...thanks for sharing!

jotcr2 said...

Yay for pointing. That is an excellent communication step for him (and you).