Saturday, August 2, 2008

trip with the kids

So yesterday, I took the kids to Six Flags. Poor hubby had to work so we went without him. 2 of the kids had those reading rewards to use before they expire so, away we went. It wasn't bad. We had the usual disagreements at first and I was thinking I'd made a mistake. But, they rallied and we ended up having a nice time. I was really worried about going without Allan, 'cause #1, I knew we would miss him and #2 I didn't know if I could handle everyone without him. But it worked out okay. Jack was good as gold. He seems to really like his stroller. He sat so nicely all day. He took a nap, and had lunch, and got out a couple of times to enjoy a ride. Here's a pic of him:

Notice the new haircut? He, Andrew and I all got a haircut the other day and we're all a bit short but it'll grow, right? Can't stop the cuteness on this boy!

So here's what I'm grateful for today:
1. Our trip to Six Flags.
2. Friends that keep in touch even when I drop the ball (love you Sherry!).
3. Jackson working on walking.
4. My hubby that lets me go places and do fun stuff even when he doesn't get to.

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