Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What a day!

Well, I made it to bedtime! It was the first day of school for Capn' Jack's big sister and brothers. :( I may very well be the only mom in America who wasn't giddy today. I love when the kids are home and we have no big schedules to follow. So it wasn't a great day. Jack and I got the kids off to school, went to coffee with 2 mom friends, went to look for shorts on sale for M, came home for a nap (for Jack - I checked e-mail), went out to 2 stores for college ruled spiral notebooks (and grape jelly; Ty can't have lunch without pb&j!), went by the bank, came home for late lunch, got everyone home from school, checked backpacks and lunchboxes, put Jack down for nap #2, had dinner, got everyone to bed except Jack, and now I'm blogging. Still have to get dishes done, clean bathrooms, and get the Capn to bed! And that is the short version.

Okay, here are some updates on us:
We went on vacation. To the Lake of the Ozarks. We stayed in the vacation home of dh's parents. It was WONDERFUL! No phone and lots of swimming and boating! Then we went to the home of my parents for the MO state fair. The kids really enjoy going and they had a great time there too.

Jack has really "stepped up" the walking! He still lurches a lot, like he got into the wine cabinet (interesting, since we don't have one!) but he's taking several steps at a time, many times per day. Crawling is still most efficient so he does that when he's in a hurry - which reminds me of a funny:) He was crawling right to me but kept his head down so he bumped his head right into my leg. Well, I said "bonk!" just to make him laugh, but it made him keep doing it! Rammed his little head into my leg 10 times just to hear me go "bonk!" every time! He laughed too! So we're at Target today and he's in the cart and for some reason, I said "bonk". Don't remember why. Anyway, he immediately laughed and dropped his head onto the handle! Then he did it again! And again! I really wanted him to stop but we were both laughing so darn hard it went on for awhile!

Time to get the little man off to bed! Yay! Cuddle time!

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