Thursday, October 15, 2009

31 For 21 - #11

I've started keeping binders. It seems to be a good way to keep papers sorted and together. I have one for Jack's first 3 years of EI. Since we're in the midst of the IEP process, I started another one for his years at pre-school. I try to keep it up to date but sometimes that means putting the papers in there and then punching holes later. I got the kind that you can slide a cover sheet in so I bought some fun paper and put pics of Jack on there and his name in fun letters. I put everything in there just in chronological order. I keep thinking there might be a better way to do it without getting too over the top because if it's too complicated I won't do it! We'll see if I can keep it up. I also have binders for Mary Kay (if you need anything, even a catalog, let me know!), one for the other 3 kids, one for my DSA info, and I started one for medical stuff but started putting that stuff in the main Jack binder. It seems to be working well.

I need a day here in the house to sort papers and fold laundry and clean floors and throw stuff away! A day without ANYONE else here! Even with Jack's nap during the day, I get nothing done most days. What can I do with my family? Hmm, send them to the zoo? If the weather were at all decent here that might work! It's too darn cold!


Bethany said...

I do this too, only I use file folders in a drawer and sort by relevance. :)

Julie said...

I may need to go to that Bethany. Do you have a drawer per child, or do you sort by topic?

datri said...

I use binders and just stick papers in there by chronological order. I believe Wrightslaw even suggests this method as being the least complicated. I do put sticky tabs on papers I need to stand out, like IEPs.