Sunday, October 4, 2009

31 For 21 - #4

Every so often, I'm reminded of the sad sad sad reality that most women who find out the baby they are carrying has Down syndrome, and they abort. The statistic is something like 90%. (If anyone knows a better estimate, let me know.) I'm right now thinking it's time for Jack to have a nap but he's having so much fun I can't stop watching him. EVERY DAY, I thank God for this little person that I had no idea I needed in my life. He's funny, and silly, and makes us all smile and laugh every day. He can also throw a fit, get into stuff, and make a mess like nobody's business! I started this blog to have a record for myself, of Jack's progress, and remember things we do as a family. But if ONE person reads it, and thinks twice about making a decision that could cause them years and years of grief, I'll feel a little happier.

And just so we end on a happier note - this is about 2 yrs ago but I like it!


heidi marie said...

he is so stinkin cute! how's his tongue holding up? any new holes??

My name is Sarah said...

Oh how cute:)