Tuesday, October 13, 2009

31 For 21 - #9

I am sooo far behind! I'm still going to try to get 31 posts in but obviously I'll be doubling up most days.

I wanted to mention Jack's school. It's a preschool class of 2 year olds who are in the First Steps program (Birth to 3 here in MO). They go once a week for 2 hours. Jack seems to enjoy it. They sing songs, do craft projects, eat snack, and learn to sit in a circle and go to the playground with their little friends. There is one teacher and 2 helpers. They all seem super nice and I like them all. The best part is that Jack gets to go with Braska. The last time he went, there was only 4 kids in class! Flu, or some kind of illness kept them all home.

This is the same building he'll go to actual preschool in, starting after his birthday. We're in a great district with this terrific school. He'll be in class with typical kids and other kids with sn. More on that after our IEP meeting in a couple of weeks. (I didn't change my mind about not wanting him to go - I just know it's a great place.) I'll take a pic of him outside of it before the weather gets even crappier than it is now!

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