Friday, October 30, 2009

31 For 21 - #21

I knew I wouldn't make it. I had big plans, post ideas in my head, things I wanted to share and opinions on. But here it is, the 30th, and I'm only on post #21. Not so great.

My thought for this post is (once again) the impact Jackson has had on our friends or acquaintances. It is constantly weird to me how many people just chat with Jack. He smiles, and waves, and "pounds it" (knuckle bump) with perfect strangers. We've never gotten a rude comment or stare that I'm aware of. It's really fun to go places with him and watch him.

Jack's birthday was on the 27th. We didn't do any celebrating that day - we'll have a little party this weekend. Lots more to come on that!

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