Sunday, October 18, 2009

31 For 21 - #12

So not only is Oct Down syndrome awareness month, but it's also the month of Jack's birth. As his day approaches, I keep thinking about what was going on in my head just before his birth. I wasn't ready, I know that. Physically, I felt okay. Gestational diabetes turned out to be a blessing. I was taking better care of myself than I did before, and since! (That's interesting, why am I not pregnant not worth the care I took of myself when pregnant? I know, it was all for the baby but still.........) Mentally, I was worried, excited, nervous, happy, and of course, stressed. I was concerned for this new little person, worried about my other kids and hoping I'd be able to juggle everybody's needs. Allan and I were still functioning as a team, but we were each dealing with our concerns mostly on our own. I think neither of us wanted to overwhelm the other. Here's a pic we took the weekend of my super baby shower. That was a great weekend, I hadn't laughed so hard in such a long time. Sorry for the rambling thoughts. Maybe I'll be more coherant later. (Hard to believe there's only ONE baby in there!)

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