Tuesday, October 6, 2009

31 For 21 - #5

Okay, so I missed yesterday. It was a busy day! There was school for Jack, then Walmart, home for a nap, football game, dinner, and bed. Doesn't sound like that much but I was pooped by the time Jack went to bed so I did too. Once again, I will mention how much attention this kid gets. It's so funny to me. All he did was sit at the game on his Daddy's lap, smile at those who smiled at him, waved at those who waved at him, and at the end, several people came up and spoke to us. "What a good boy", "how nice he sits", "what a sweet smile", and mostly it's other moms, and pretty much everyone pats his head or his hand. Have a mentioned lately how much I LOVE him?

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