Tuesday, October 14, 2008

31 For 21 - #12

I'm going to try to do my 21 THINGS ABOUT JACKSON LIST:

1. I think Jackson would stay in bed all day if I never went in and got him.
2. He loves his sister and brothers equally and gets so happy when they come home from school.
3. We watch him every time he goes near the dog 'cause he likes to pull her ears (she does NOT like that).
4. He walks very consistently but still can't run. When he tries, he falls.
5. Jack still likes his toys that have lights and sound best.
6. His blue blanket that a friend embroidered with his name and birth date can cure most evils (including injuries, hurt feelings, tiredness, and boredom).
7. He still tries to taste everything he comes in contact with.
8. Jack still doesn't care for his SureSteps but he's getting better wearing them.
9. He drinks from a straw or a water bottle (though messy) and we're starting to try using an open cup.
10. He's pretty timid with strangers but slowly warms up to our friends he sees often.
11. He's learning to use a spoon to eat his cereal and yogurt.
12. This year, Jack will be a Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween. Last year he was a Jack Hammer. Next year, he'll be a Jack -in-the-Box. See a trend?!
13. Jack doesn'y say any words or use signs. Somehow, we seem to know what he wants anyway. Hopefully, he will get some words soo.
14. I still use baby wash on him at bathtime, and just sit and smell him afterwards.
15. He's only had 2 haircuts.
16. Jack likes to eat. Doesn't matter too much what it is.
17. Jack likes to shut things - doors, dishwashers, fridges. And then he claps and you have to say "Yay!!".
18. Last year at this time, he pulled hair and removed earrings. Now, he only does that once in a while ;).
19. Jack has the best smile, and giggle. Makes me smile to think of it!
20. I could look at his face all day.
21. Lately, Jack has been throwing things away. Things like the remote, his cup, toys, things from the cabinet, random articles of clothing (not his). We hope this phase will end very soon.

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