Wednesday, October 29, 2008

31 For 21 - #26

We've been kinda busy so I'm even more behind! The rest of Jack's birthday was spent at the VERY cold football game. We all had winter coats, and gloves, and drank hot chocolate! It was ridiculously cold. There was a rude lady that said we were crazy for having our baby out in that type of weather, but I checked him over and he had his coat buttoned up, hood on, covered in his blanket, and we were sitting on another that I pulled the end up on he and I. Every so often he would stick a little hand out but I got it all covered up again. Allan looked him over and loudly announced Jack was probably warmer than the rest of us. The good news is we won! 33-0! Best game they played yet! The last game is this Fri and then we're done 'til next year. Makes me sad. So when we got home I made Allan make funny faces so Jack would smile and this is what we got:

Cute, huh? Thanks to everyone who gave him Happy Birthday wishes! You guys are a big part of our family now and we really appreciate it!

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RK said...

Super smiles! Those are totally frame-worthy! Glad it was a good day.