Friday, October 10, 2008

31 For 21 - #9

So today, Jack and I went to school! It was a pre-pre-pre-school class, for babies and their parents; kind of a get ready for school class. It was only an hour. We sang songs and played with a parchute and dug through a pile of shredded paper! But are you ready for the best part? When we got there, guess who we saw playing on the rug? Nebraska! Yep, our friend from the blogging world, and the local ds group, and our online forum, and real life! Wish I'd gotten a pic (I even had my camera) but I didn't think about it 'til I was driving away :(. You should hear her say "Jack". What a cutie! Jack had a good time and we're ready to go again next month.

Then, after a couple quick errands and a short nap, off to the parade we went! It was loud, and hot, and lots of fun! Jack's big brother got to march with the other JV players and hand out candy. He made sure to give lots to Ty and Ty's friends. After that, it was time for a bit of hanging out at home, dinner, and back up to school for the Homecoming game! We won - Yay! What a long day. We're all pooped.

So here are Jack getting ready for school, our parade, and yet another baby Jack. (These baby pics are to celebrate 31 for 21 you know!) This is one of my favorites!

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Erin said...

So awesome that your bloggin friend was in Jack's class! How old is Jack now? He looks like he is getting big!