Thursday, October 23, 2008

31 For 21 - #21

Okay, this will be a quick one. Last night Jack was wandering around the house as usual (this is getting stressful as we never know what he's into!) and he went into his room. I think this is kinda cool so I'm hoping to move some things around so there's stuff for him to do in there and he'll like to hang out there. But last night there wasn't a lot, so he picked up his shoe and carried it out to the kitchen, where we could see him. He sat down on the floor and sure enough, tried to put on his shoe! It was so cute! Of course, by the time I got the camera all he wanted to do with it was put it into a plastic box that getting ready to go back to the camper (thanks, BTW to our OT who we blame for all this "putting in" we seem to having problems with - think trash can!) So, no pic. But it was cute.

And something I almost forgot! One of our newest friends, Miss Adelynn, is having her open heart surgery today. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she goes through this surgery and her recovery afterwards. We "met" through my aunt, and hope to get to meet them for real someday.


waldenhouse said...

sometimes i just want to wear a camera around my neck to catch all those moments.

heidi marie said...

ahhh. how awesome! and i know exactly what you mean. by the time you get the camera the moment has past. i have actually started to just leave the camera out in the family room

Julie said...

That's the thing - I usually have the camera ready in the living room but he was in the kitchen! I may need MANY cameras LOL!!