Tuesday, October 14, 2008

31 For 21 - #13

I'm a little behind so we get 2 posts today - Yay!

Jack is sick today. He has a cold. There's a snotty nose, rattly breathing, and terrible cough. We're using the nebulizer on him, and I've got a humidifier and a vaporizer (waterless) in his room. Smells good in there in the morning. We cancelled therapy for today since he spent 1/2 of the day crying, which is very unlike Jack. Send good thoughts for him to feel better tomorrow!

Jack likes to play in the dog's water. Sometimes he splashes, sometimes he dunks his toys in, sometimes he just flat-out dumps it on the floor. Today, he put my cell phone in it. Grrrr. So I can make calls on it (if I know the number) and I can answer it, but the screen is blank! I can't see if I missed any calls, can't look up numbers, can't even remember how to re-dial! I'm hoping the screen will come back after it dries but what if it doesn't?! I guess I'll be getting a Christmas present early which is a bummer 'cause then I won't get anything good on Christmas! Send good thoughts for the phone to get better too!

So, here's my little guy on his baptism day. There's a story about that but it will be in another post.

My mom bought this outfit for Ty. I have a pic of him in it too. When the baptism came up so quickly, it fit the bill perfectly!

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