Monday, October 20, 2008

31 For 21 - #17

So I forgot to mention a neat thing that happened to me last Fri. I had made those Down Syndrome Awareness ribbons and was wearing one at the grocery store. Of course, Jack was with me and a nice older lady stopped and started talking about Jack, you know "oh what a cute boy! I bet he's a good boy, isn't he?, stuff like that. Well then she says "I have one just like him at home, and he's 52". Wow! So of course I asked how he's doing and she told me he went to school when he was 4 and after he graduated, he worked at the same place for 31 years! He rode the bus by himself every day. He was very healthy until about 4 years ago, when he started having seizures, and had to quit his job. She indicated he's always lived with her and her husband and he's not in great health now, but still smart and happy. So we had this nice conversation, and then I realized I had some of those ribbons in my pocket and I gave her one. She said she didn't even know it was Down Syndrome Awareness month and when I saw her leaving the store, she had pinned it to her jacket. What a nice lady! Jack even gave her the ole fist closing bye bye wave, which he doesn't do for everyone, you know!

So here are the ribbons - M is modeling hers (I caught her on the way to school this morning).


Erin said...

What a great story! Love the ribbons. If you don't mind sharing, where did you find the fabric?

Julie said...

I bought the ribbon last year at Wal Mart. I made some then too - it's fun!