Saturday, October 4, 2008

31 For 21 - #3

Look how early I am today! My ds fact today has more to do with me than Jack. Babies with ds are just that, babies. The dx of ds is so scary, it's easy to forget that this is still just a baby. A baby that will need diapers, and little sleepers, and yummy-smelling baby soap, and lots of love. I knew we would love Jack. There was never any doubt about that. But all the baby-ness kinda took me by surprise, which is really silly. I find myself constantly comparing him to the other 3, and really, there are so many more similarities than differences. Even in the way he looks. All my boys are blonde with blue eyes. Jack gets into stuff and I remember the others doing the same things. As he wobbles around the house, I remember seeing the others wobble like that too (sometimes even in the same outfit - Jack wears lots of Ty's stuff). Yesterday, Jack was wearing a pair of shoes that Andrew and Tyler wore too. And I can't wait to hear Jack say "Mommy". I'll just melt! And right now, Jack is upset because everyone else went outside and he didn't get to, so I'm remembering how the others went from oblivious little baby to toddler who lets you know when something isn't going their way. I guess we're there. Hello 2 year old!

Here's a pic of "Jack in the Box". Another of my sad attempts at humor.

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RK said...

Jack in the box... I love it!!