Saturday, October 4, 2008

31 For 21 - #2

I don't think I'm gonna make it, but for the record, I'm starting this post BEFORE midnight!

Okay, let's see, a ds fact. There are 3 types of ds, including mosaic and translocation (which I'll discuss later), but Jack has regular ole Trisomy 21. This means he has an extra 21st chromasome in every single cell in his cute little wiggly body. Some people are just convinced that extra chomasome adds cuteness. I may be one of them!

I bought some pants for Jackson the other day, seeing as it's starting to get cooler. One pair of pants is a little pair of Levi's, size 18 mos. I put them on him this morning, and even though they're too long and a bit big in the waist, oh my gosh - too cute! I was so excited seeing him walking around in those tiny jeans. I meant to take a photo but the day went fast and Daddy put his jammies on him before I remembered this evening. So, maybe the next time. Instead, I'll post this:

This is my sweet little pumpkin, after we found out about the hole in his heart, and all of the problems it (they) were causing. We called the oxygen tent his "cake plate". (My sad attempt to cope by using humor.)

And this is a pic of Jack's HUGE amount of hair! I know it may not seem like much but both our other boys were real baldies so we were surprised by how much Jack had!

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heidi marie said...

so precious. seeing little pics of babies makes me want to have another one. yikes! and i think if you start the post before midnight it should sooooooo count