Friday, October 24, 2008

31 For 21 - #22

It's starting to hit me that Jack is about to turn 2. I'm not ready! I said this last year, and the year before, all the way to the hospital. I keep thinking about his birth, and about how I felt last year at his first birthday, after finally bringing him home and then going through the open heart surgery. Until he was about 1 1/2, I cried everyday at some point because I was so glad he was our baby. I can be weepy but this baby has put me over the top! This past year we've had some milestones as well. None quite so dramatic as OHS, but important ones in their own right. Jack has teeth! He walks! When we were camping last weekend, he wanted to sit on Andrew's lap at the campfire. Then he fell asleep on Andrew's shoulder! I sooo wish I had my camera for that but of course, I left it here at home. That's a milestone because although Andrew has always loved Jack, he was a little bit afraid of this little breakable baby. Jack is finally big enough and sturdy enough for Drew to handle him. Jack drinks from a straw and holds his own spoon for breakfast. He doesn't talk but he points like a pro! He gets into EVERYTHING, has the BEST smile, and gives the most amazing hugs! When we were at a high school football game a couple of weeks ago, he stood up on my lap and gave me a big hug. I heard a lady behind me say, "awww, look at his little hands!". He brings me joy every single day.

This is how M set him up to watch TV:

And here is the little guy checking out the camper with M before our first trip of the season last year:

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