Monday, October 6, 2008

31 For 21 - #5

I'm not quite caught up yet but here we go again.

The last form of ds is Mosaicism. Only about 1% of people with ds have this form. Mosaicism means not SOME of the cells have the extra chromasome, but not all. This happens when the faulty division occurs AFTER the first time the cells divide, after conception. In the other 2 types, the faulty cell division occurs at or before fertilization. Confusing? Yes. Please ask questions so I can clarify.

As for what we did today? Football baby! Andrew's team won, 22-10! Woo Hoo! We went to Quick Trip for a giant soda to celebrate! Pathetic, I know but we didn't have much time and the other kids had homework so we did the quick, cheap celebration. It was a great game! Here's a blurry pic of our hero:

And for our Jackson pic of the day,

We learned how to snuggle together pretty darn quick after he came home!

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heidi marie said...

great pictures! i hope that henry likes football when he gets older. i miss those friday night games when i was younger. there was nothing better than going to a football game on a cool fall evening. so much fun!!!! i'm jealous!