Thursday, October 16, 2008

31 For 21 - #15

I've been wanting to write a post about what happened when we found out about Jack's heart issues but that's a big one and I don't seem to ever have the time to do it. I really want to spend the time to think about it and do it right. Maybe next week-end since I just found out I screwed up some plans my friend and I had. Never mind that - no more crying tonight!

I made a ribbon for Down Syndrome Awareness month and M wore it to school. I decided I needed one too, and her teacher wanted one, so last night I made a bunch to give away. If I remember, I'll take a pic of ours so you can see. Came out pretty nice if I do say so myself.

So what did Jack do today? Got a bath (he loves those), hung out with Grandma, went to big brother's orchestra concert, and finished off the day with a giant fit (those people that say kids with ds are always soooo happy shoulda been here about 8-9pm!). He knows "nose" and will touch yours and then his own when you ask him. So cute! He also "talks" to his toys when he's playing. No actual words, just a low-pitched noise. I keep wanting to video it but haven't caught him doing it yet.

Since we talked about baths - here's a cute one:

See the scar? I have lots more scar pics! Coming soon!

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Erin said...

Cute pic of Jack...I'd been wondering how big Addie's scar will be. I know as they grow it will be much smaller, but when they are so small, it probably is going to look so big! Jack's looks like it was pretty good size too...looking forward to your story of Jack's journey with his heart!